Protective Coating

At Advanced Coating, we supply a large range of Jotun products and protective coatings. With our assistance, your floors will look great and function even better. We currently stock the following Jotun items.


Jotaprime 265 - A rapid drying primer/finish for general structural steelwork where decorative effect is required from a primer. Features a semi-gloss alkyd base with active corrosion preventing pigments.

Jotamastic 87 - A primer/topcoat which can be applied in high film thickness. Can be used on steel where blast cleaning may not be possible. Can also be used alone or in combination with other topcoats.

Penguard Special - An epoxy zinc-phosphate primer for use on steel. Suitable for use under two pack epoxy and polyurethane topcoats. This product offers excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.


Jotafloor ST - Offers protection for concrete floors, garages, workshops, warehouses and factories. Slip resistance products can also be added during application. Hard wearing, highly durable, high-impact and chemical-resistant.

Jotafloor RD - Offers protection for concrete floors, outdoor living areas (verandas, patios, garages) and application can also be applied to indoor areas.

Imperite 300 - A two pack polyurethane topcoat with superior gloss and colour retention under full UV exposure. Features excellent abrasion and chemical resistance when applied as part of a complete system.

Hardtop Ultra - A two pack polyurethane topcoat suitable for application over an epoxy system where a durable, high-gloss finish is required. Application by brush or roller with excellent gloss and colour retention.
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